Chipata still faced with an uphill battle to attain city status.

Chipata Municipal Council says that there is a lot that needs to be changed in Chipata for the district to attain a city status.
New Town Clerk, Ekan Chingangu says that there is need to have a City market and build additional structures for more business and offices to create more jobs for the people.
Mr. Chingangu also says that the local authority will involve the Chipata Golf Union to relocate the Golf Course so that the area may be used for new structures.
Speaking during a press briefing, the town clerk says that his vision is for Chipata to attain city status by 2016.
And Mr. Chingangu says that there is need to shave aside some areas that are under chiefs like Feni and Chiparamba Sub centres which were used as administrative centres during the colonial rule to be considered as districts.
Mr. Chingangu says that doing so will allow the district to remain with areas that are not under the jurisdiction of chiefs like Livingstone and Lusaka cities.

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