Chipata Town Clerk, Golden Banda demoted to the position of council secretary for Mpulungu District Council.

Government has lifted the suspension slapped on Chipata Town Clerk, Golden Banda but demoted him to the position of council secretary for Mpulungu district council.
Government has also reinstated Finance Director, Julius Banda but transferred him to Choma Municipal Council in the same capacity.
Chipata Mayor, Goodson Thole confirmed the changes, which have been made through the Local Government Service Commission.
Mr. Thole also says that acting town clerk, Caroline Mphande who is director of administration has been promoted to position of council secretary for Milengi District Council.
And Kabwe Town Clerk, Ikan Chigangu is new town clerk for Chipata Municipal Council.
Mr. Banda, the former town clerk was suspended in December last year to pave way for investigations into misapplication of funds.
One of the matters investigated concerned allegations that Mr. Banda received allowances from the council despite being on a sponsored trip to Cameroun.
And Finance Director, Julius Banda suffered the same fate for approving the allowance payment to the town clerk.
Meanwhile Mr. Banda has accepted his demotion, stating that he is not the first person to be demoted on a job.
Mr. Banda told Breeze News that he has promised the Local Government Service Commission to turn Mpulungu District Council into the best working council in the country because he is a performer.

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