Chipata Trades management angered by illegal land developers

Three people have encroached on land where dormitories for Chipata Trades Training Institute are being constructed.

Chipata Trades Training Institute Principal, Miriam Mwale told Breeze News that this is despite a stop order, being given to the people by the council to stop constructing the houses.

Mrs. Mwale says that she is disappointed to learn that the people are developing their houses, claiming that they have obtained title deeds for the land.

She wondered why the illegal developers could not wait for the council to give them alternative plots somewhere else after giving them a stop order.

The college principal challenged the Ministry of Lands to explain how possible it is that someone can obtain a title deed for a particular land even after being given a stop order by the local authority.

And construction of student dormitories at Chipata Trades at a cost of 22 million Kwacha is at 65 percent.

Mrs. Mwale says that once completed, the hostels will accommodate a total of 320 male students, while the female students will continue occupying the old hostels at the town campus.

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