Cholera looming due to damaged sewer pipe at Down Shops in Chipata.

A damaged sewer system along Umodzi Highway near the Down Shops in Chipata is posing a serious health hazard.

A check by Breeze News this morning found large amounts of sewer effluent coming out and discharging into Lukwakwa stream.

And traders and taxi drivers have expressed concern that it is almost two months when the sewer was broken and Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has failed to repair the damage.

They expressed fear that there may be an outbreak of cholera if the situation remains unattended especially that some traders sale food, near the broken sewer pipe.

The effects will be severe because a lot of people downstream use water from Lukwakwa stream for various activities.

And when contacted, Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director, Lighton Kanowa says that technical people will move to the site to attend to the problem.

Mr Kanowa stated that the matter of the broken sewer was brought to his attention last week on Wednesday and that quick action will be taken.

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