Cholera outbreak in Malawi sends panic in Lundazi district

Mobile markets commonly known as Bwandila have been suspended with immediate effect in Lundazi district.
This follows the confirmed outbreak of cholera in neighbouring Malawi.
The resolution to suspend mobile markets was arrived at following an emergency stakeholders meeting called by Epidemic, Preparedness, Prevention and Control Committee yesterday.

According to a report presented by Acting Public Health Officer, Luwiza Banda, Kasungu district in Malawi that borders with Lundazi district has recorded confirmed cholera cases since last month and over 20 cases have been reported with four people having died from the disease.
Mrs Banda disclosed that catchment areas for 8 health facilities in Lundazi are at high risk of contamination.
These are Umi, Mankhaka, Mwimba, Nkhanyu, Mwase Lundazi, Mwasemphangwe, Lumezi and Ndaiwala.
She further indicated that catchment areas for 5 health facilities, Nyangwe, Lusuntha, Kamilenje, ZASP and Mthwalo are at moderate risk despite being situated along Zambia – Malawi border, which is porous.
Mrs. Banda indicated that the committee in the district is faced with a lot of challenges like lack of funding, problem with street vendors and operations of mobile markets under unsanitary conditions.
And the committee has resolved to inform all traditional leaders especially those situated in borders where mobile markets operate from to suspend the cross border trade until cholera is controlled in Malawi.

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