Church members in Vubwi district report their Malawian pastor to authorities for staying in the country illegally.

A 35 years old Malawian pastor of a named church has been arrested in Vubwi District for staying in the country illegally.

Regional Immigration Officer, Moses Chimbala confirmed to Breeze News that Benson Telele, was arrested on Saturday after receiving information from members of his church that he was staying in the country illegally.

Mr Chimbala explained that Telele came in Zambia a long time ago and started a church in Vubwi and stayed there for many years without immigration permit.

He says members of the church went to complain after they felt that they were being abused as the pastor started asking them to contribute funds in form of tithes and offering.

He said the pastor used to get all the funds and take it to Malawi where he was investing instead of growing the church in Vubwi.

Meanwhile the immigration department has picked up an Indian national, Hussein Zakir, 35, who owns a take way in the first class business area in Chipata.

Zakir was picked up because the business, which he is involved in, is contrary to what is indicated on his work permit.

He says the permit states that he works for Fairmount Hotel in Livingstone when in actual fact he owns a take way in Chipata, which is against the immigration and deportation act.

Mr Chimbala states that the Immigration Department intends to recommend for the revocation of the permit after the investigations are carried out.


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