Civil servants in Sinda district demand to be paid rural hardship allowances.

Civil servants in Sinda have questioned government why some officers in the district are not being paid rural hardship allowances.
The workers have wondered why other officers in the district are being paid while others are not.
They were speaking when Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo held a meeting with the workers in the district
The affected civil servants appealed to Government to pay rural hardship allowances to all officers serving in the district.
And Mr. Kasolo promised to deal with such matters and ensure that human resource issues were dealt with in a fair manner.
The Permanent Secretary also called for unity beyond tribal, political and regional levels saying only unity can facilitate the implementation of developmental programmes.
And Mr. Kasolo said that he will run the province as a business entity in order to enhance the development of social and economic sectors required to help uplift the lives of the people.
He stated that he is passionate about alleviating poverty which is the biggest threat to the development of the province.

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