Civil Society for Poverty Reduction calls on government to be firm with mining companies evading tax.

The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction, CSPR, has expressed concern over some mining companies engaging in tax invasion by making false declaration in taxes to the government.

CSPR Provincial Coordinator, Maxson Nkhoma says government is currently working very hard to address the social and economic needs of citizens using taxes for the provision of infrastructure.

Mr. Nkhoma says this is why CSPR has been asking the government to seriously reflect on the current mining taxation regime to enable Zambians get a fair share of natural resources

He says CSPR is, however, hopeful that the audit which is currently underway at KCM, Konkola Copper Mines will help tell the government and the people of Zambia the real financial position of the former mining giant.

Mr. Nkhoma says the audit should also form a basis on which the government needs to seriously reflect on Zambia’s mining tax management and whether Zambians have been getting a fair deal from mining companies operating in the country.

Mr Nkhoma says the KCM financial audit report will be an eye opener to the government to devise an effective taxation system that will propel all mining companies to declare correct information to the government.

He says CSPR is highly concerned that KCM has been playing double standards to Zambians, going by what the KCM boss, Anil Argawal was quoted to have said by the international media.


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