Civil society organisations in Chipata deny pushing government over the draft constitution.

Civil society organisations in Chipata have denied pushing government over the draft constitution.

Chipata District Civil Society Forum Chairperson, Mwima Mtine says that CSOs are speaking on behalf of Zambians, who want a new constitution.

Mr. Mtine has told Breeze News that CSOs are also holding government accountable to the promise it made that it would put in place a people driven constitution within ninety days after getting into government.

He says that Zambians are surprised that government has not bothered to clearly inform people the stage at which the draft constitution has reached.

And Mr. Mtine has queried a statement from government that Zambia already has a working constitution.

He says that the current constitution has a lot of lapses, like the bill of rights, popular representation in terms of the election of the president and his vice.

On Thursday the Zambia Episcopal Conference, ZEC demanded that the final draft constitution be released to the public and other stakeholders, without any further delay.

But speaking during a Political Hour Programme on Breeze FM last week, vice President, Dr. Guy Scott said that the technical committee had not yet handed over the document to the president.

Dr. Scott also expressed concern over the leaked copy of the draft constitution stating that government might have to appoint another technical committee if it is established that the document was leaked by the current technical committee.

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