Clergymen in Eastern Province challenged to uphold their ethics.

Government has advised the clergy in Eastern Province to uphold high standards of ethics of their profession.
Assistant Secretary, Beenzu Chikuba says that as servants of God, the clergy should ensure that their moral standing in society is not questionable.
She was speaking yesterday in Chipata when she officiated at the official opening of Blessed Hope Church of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God in David Kaunda Township.
Ms. Chikuba noted that it has become common in the recent past to hear of the clergy being involved in undesired activities that tannish the good image of the church.
She says that this should be avoided at all costs as the church is expected to be in the forefront of promoting good morals and upholding issues of accountability.
Ms. Chikuba commended Blessed Hope Church through Reverend Sams Kafundanga and church members for building the church without external support despite what she described as harsh economic times.
She stated that the work of God must go on adding that setting up permanent structures for churches is a good indicator that the church is here to stay and a true partner of government in social, economic, moral and spiritual support to the general populace.
Ms. Chikuba also praised Assemblies of God Church in Eastern Province for other activities they are involved in like assisting the vulnerable, building and running schools and clinics.
And delivering his sermon, Pentecostal Assemblies of God Second Assistant Chief Bishop, Dr. Adrian Chalwe pointed out the need to honour God.
Dr. Chalwe also stated that Blessed Hope Church was for all residents of Chipata and not only those who currently warship from there.

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