Close to 200 families in Lundazi live in deplorable conditions since ZAWA burnt houses in December.

Government has been urged to quicken the process of finding a new place where close to 200 families who were displaced after ZAWA burnt their houses in Lumezi Constituency last December can be re-located.
Lumezi Member of Parliament, Isaac Kafulamchenga Banda says that the matter is taking too long to be resolved.
He explained that the families have already undergone unbearable sufferings as they spent almost the whole rainy season in the cold.
Mr. Banda says that Chief Mwasemphangwe has promised to accommodate about 10 families, but government needs to find an alternative land for the other families.
He said that government must also plan on how to assist the families with relief food.
The villagers were left homeless after ZAWA officers burnt down their homes for encroaching on Lukusuzi National Park in Lumezi constituency of Lundazi district.

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