Close to 2,000 bags of government fertilizer have gone missing in Chadiza district.

Close to two thousand bags of fertilizer under FISP, the Farmer Input support program distributed by OMNIA fertilizer have gone missing in Chadiza district.
Provincial Agriculture Coordinator, Dr. Obvious Kabinda confirmed this to Breeze News.
Dr. Kabinda says that 1, 498 bags of Urea and over 400 bags of Compound D fertilizer meant for farmers have gone missing.
Dr. Kabinda says that police have arrested two suspects who were working for OMNIA fertilizer and they will appear in court today.
And Dr. Kabimba says that his office has not received any complaint from farmers who have received underweight fertilizer.
He says that if there is any company that is giving fake fertilizer to farmers, the supplier will be made to repay farmers for swindling them.
Dr. Kabinda says that companies, who have signed contracts with government to distribute inputs to farmers are not supposed to swindle farmers because inputs under FISP are meant to benefit genuine farmers.

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