Collection of garbage in Petauke town has stalled resulting in heaps of uncollected refuse.

Collection of garbage in Petauke town has stalled due to break down of a truck used to remove the refuse.
And authorities at the council have denied reports that the uncollected garbage is due to workers’ decision to down tools.
A check by Breeze News found heaps of uncollected garbage, which are making the town dirty while council workers involved in collection of refuse could not been seen
And when reached for comment, Petauke District Council Secretary, Pathias Sumba acknowledged the situation.
Mr. Sumba however, explained that the local authority has faced serious challenges to collect garbage in the town centre because the vehicle used to collect the refuse broke down.
He however, indicated that the council has already bought a new truck for garbage collection, but it has delayed because the supplier changed the make of the refuse truck.


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