Committee set up to look into land wrangles at Wachepa village.

Government says it has formed a committee to look into the land wrangle between Kabalika Nkhwengwe, who is the owner of the land and the people of Wachepa village in Chief Kapatamoyo’s area of Chipata district, who have illegally settled on the land.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Dr. Chileshe Mulenga, also says that government has engaged the commissioner of lands to verify whether the price demanded by Kabalika Nkhwengwe of 800,000 kwacha is the correct value for the land.
The decision comes after complaints from Wachepa villagers that Mr. Nkhwengwe has warned them that anyone found to be constructing houses on the land will have his structures demolished.
This is because government has not yet bought the land for the villagers as promised by the former PS, Emanuel Mwamba in January this year that government would procure the land for the people who have already settled on the land.
And Dr. Mulenga has urged the people of Wachepa village to remain calm as the rightful process is being followed adding that failure to procure the land in question for them will mean purchasing another piece of land where they will be settled.
Dr. Mulenga has also appealed to the land owner, Kabalika Nkhwengwe to cooperate with government as the rights to his property are being followed.

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