Community radio stations challenged to be watchdogs over public funds

Community radio stations in Zambia have been urged to play a watchdog role over how government departments utilize public funds.
United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR Public Information Associate, Kelvin Shimoh said this in an interview with Breeze News.
He says that this will help the community know how resources are being utilised since radio plays an important role in the day to day lives of the people.
Mr Shimoh says it is for this reason that his organization has designated 13th February as Radio Day under the theme “Reporting on Emergency and Disaster”.
He says this came about after the realization of the importance of radio in reporting on disaster and emergencies.
Mr Shimoh says radio can be used as an early warning system in emergencies and an educative tool.
He however, says most radio stations are faced with challenges such as lack of support and funding for them to sensitize people about disasters.
Mr Shimoh stressed the need for government, the community and organizations to financially support community based radio stations.
He also pointed out the need for journalists to receive more training on reporting about disaster management.

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