Community resource boards in Mambwe District complain of non-payment of salaries to village scouts.

Community resource boards CRBs, in Mambwe District have complained of non-payment of salaries to village scouts.

The CRBs have also complained over delay by government to release operations funds for CRBs.

This is according to a letter written to tourism minister, Sylva Masebo by CRBs from Chief Mnkhanya, Nsefu and Jumbe areas made available to Breeze News.

The CRBs have alleged that Ms. Masebo’s pronouncements made on the two issues in 2012 and 2013 in her capacity as tourism minister have not been implemented until date.

Ms. Masebo is in September last year reported to have promised to pay the monies that ZAWA, the Zambia Wildlife Authority owes CRBs by December 2012.

The minister is also reported to have promised that government would take responsibility for the payment of village scouts salaries and CRBs operation funds by January 2013.

The CRBs say that they are highly disappointed that until now no village scout salaries and CRBs operation funds has been remitted to the CRBs whatsoever.

The CRBs claim that delay to pay salaries to village scouts has resulted in a slowdown of their operations in conducting anti-poaching patrols.

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