Confusion ensues at Saturday market over trading spaces

The decision by Chipata Municipal Council to remove vendors trading along Umodzi Highway has caused confusion at Saturday market.

A misunderstanding ensued yesterday at the trading area as the market committee tried to create room for the vendors.

The marketeers refused to accept the vendors in the market despite having empty spaces, claiming that they had paid 150 kwacha for them to be given trading spaces.

But Saturday Market Chairperson Peter Soko told Breeze News that the market committee had no hand in the collection of money, which the traders claimed to have paid.

He explained that the money was a contribution towards the buying of bricks and cement for their stands adding that the money was kept by the marketeers themselves.

Mr. Soko appealed to marketeers to accept and accommodate the vendors because it was not out of their wish that they were removed from the street.

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