Confusion ensues between Zambian and Malawian shoe traders in Chipata.

Some irate shoe traders in Chipata this morning pounced on their Malawian colleagues after accusing them of stealing their business.
A check by Breeze News found a mob of angry traders chasing the Malawian traders in the central business area.
And talking to Breeze News, the Malawian traders complained that it was unfortunate that they are being harassed in such a manner, stating that they had trading permits.
And when contacted for comment, Immigrations Public Relations Officer, Namati Nshinka condemned the act as wrong.
Mr. Nshinka says that it is the responsibility of the Immigration Department to remove illegal immigrants and not Zambian traders.
He says that the department has been carrying out routine inspections and that a number of illegal immigrants have been rounded up this month.
Mr. Nshinka has advised the Zambian traders to follow proper channels by reporting the illegal immigrants to the Immigration Department.

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