Confusion looms in farmer cooperatives in Chipata over FISP.

Confusion is looming in some cooperatives in Chipata following government’s decision to reduce allocations under FISP, the Farmer Input Support Programme.
The move has put some cooperative leaders, who collected payments from their members in a dilemma as they are at pains figuring out how to distribute the reduced quantities of fertilizer and seed.

Speaking to Breeze News, the cooperative leaders stated that the decision taken by government was a recipe for confusion as no farmer who paid for the inputs will accept to be removed from the beneficiaries.
Chairperson for Sikondwa Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Tenford Daka and Yapuma Multi-Purpose Cooperative Chairperson Jeffeous Zulu say that government should reverse its decision to reduce the inputs.
Mr. Daka and Mr. Zulu say that farmers who will be removed from the programme will not manage to buy inputs from shops because they are expensive compared to what they paid under FISP.
From an allocation of 19 packs to Sikondwa Multi-Purpose Cooperative, the number has been reduced to 15 while the allocation for Yapuma has been reduced from 42 to 17 packs.
The farmers threatened to withdraw their support to the PF, Patriotic Front government if it does not reverse its decision, which they say will result in poor yield and hunger next year.

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