Confusion over Contract Haulage houses resurfaces

Confusion has again ensued concerning people that have occupied defunct CH, Contract Haulage houses in Chipata’s Maferendum area.

Speaking to Breeze News this morning, the occupants are annoyed that some of the houses are being demolished contrary to the alleged agreement.

Representative of the occupants, Diphers Muwowo has demanded for an explanation from government on why the houses are being demolished because the occupants were supposed to buy the houses.

Mr. Muwowo says that the occupants are being forced to collect roofing sheets, door and window frames and paid between 4,000 and 5,000 Kwacha to leave the houses which are later demolished.

He alleged that Kanjala Ward Councillor William Phiri has connived with the company that wants to take over the CH land, where the houses are sitting to evict the occupants.

But Kanjala Ward Councillor William Phiri has denied any involvement in the matter, stating that the defunct CH is the one behind the evictions.

Mr. Phiri explained that he was briefed by lawyers representing CH that they intend to sell the land where the 18 houses are sitting so that they can raise money to pay terminal benefits to former CH workers.

And Chipata Central Member of Parliament Moses Mawere said that he needed more time to investigate the matter before giving government’s position on the issue.

Mr. Mawere however, sounded shocked that the houses are being demolished, stating that he had advised Kanjala Ward Councillor William Phiri to stay away from the issue.

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