Confusion over running of tobacco floors this marketing season in Eastern Province has deepened.

Confusion has deepened over who will run the floors for this year’s tobacco marketing season in Eastern Province.

During a meeting held by Agriculture minister, Wilbur Simuusa with various stakeholders, the farmers again refused to allow EFAZ, Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia run the floors.

The meeting also heard that about six associations led by CDFA, Chipata District Farmers Association want to run the floors.

And CDFA Provincial Coordinator, Virgil Malambo said that the association was formed to safeguard the interest of tobacco farmers in Eastern Province.

However, some farmers did not agree with the CDFA over its interest to run the floors.

Johabie Mtonga, wondered how the floors can be entrusted to be run by an association recently formed, adding that they did not have the experience to run the floors.

And Yaku Daya said that most of the organizations in the association were not known to the farmers and so could not be used to run the tobacco floors.

And after the deliberations the agricultural minister who was supposed to announce his decision on who will run the Tobacco floors, deferred his decision to Wednesday.

Mr Simuusa however, directed all court cases surrounding the running of the Tobacco floors to be withdrawn once he announces his decision.

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