Congestion hits Saturday Market in Chipata

Traders at Saturday Market in Chipata have complained of congestion at the trading area.

Speaking to Breeze News, some traders who declined to be named complained that there is no enough space for all the traders to trade freely.

The traders appealed to Chipata City Council to quicken preparation of the extra trading space in the market so that they can trade freely.

But Saturday Market Chairperson Peter Soko says the market has enough space for all the traders to operate freely.

He says the only problem that forces traders to abandon their stands and trade from the streets, is the poor drainage system that floods most trading stands when it rains.

Mr Soko has asked the local authority to assist the market with proper drainage system.

Meanwhile Mr. Soko has appealed to the city council to quicken working on the power system for the market shelter because traders find it difficult to trade in the afternoon because it gets dark.

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