Construction works along Kalindawalo road in Chipata to be completed before rains start.

Construction works along Kalindawalo road are expected to be completed before the onset of the rainy season this year.
East Consult Limited, the consultant for the construction works, has confirmed this to Breeze News this morning.
Responding to concerns raised by residents living along the road, Resident Engineer, Simon Tembo, said that Sable Construction Company have expedited their works so that they can finish by November this year.
Mr. Tembo observed that it was unfortunate that a diversion route could not be created so that the road users are not affected during the process of the construction works.
Some residents have complained to Breeze News that it has become very difficult to use the road, because of the construction taking place.
They questioned why the road could not be worked on in portions as it is a very busy road.

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