Continuous rains in Chipata might damage some crop varieties.

The Ministry of Agriculture says that the continuous rains being experienced in Chipata might damage some crop varieties.

District Agriculture Coordinator, Michael Ngulube says that maize varieties whose tips are open exposing the grain might rot.

Mr. Ngulube told Breeze News that only varieties whose tips are closed or are facing down will not be affected if the rains continue.

And Mr. Ngulube reiterated that 1,500 e-voucher cards for farmers in the district have not been activated.

He however, says that this number could have reduced because some farmers do not report to his office when their cards are activated.

Mr. Ngulube encouraged farmers, whose cards are being activated not to be discouraged from collecting inputs.

He stated that this is because the farmers can still use the inputs by diversifying into other farming activities like livestock and vegetable growing.


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