Contractor building government houses in Vubwi district ignores beacons.

A contractor building government houses in Vubwi district has messed up some original survey plans conducted by the Provincial Survey Office.

Provincial Surveyor, Blessed Chula says that the contractor has not followed how beacons were placed, resulting in situations where one house is sitting on four plots while some houses are sitting on plot boundaries.
Mr. Chula says that this is despite the contractor having been showed by surveyors all the beacons before construction works started.
He says that such mistakes are suspected to have been made in some parts of Chipata district by a contractor, who built some of the old government pool houses that were sold to sitting tenants.
Mr. Chula says that the survey department is currently dealing with three such cases in Messenger’s Compound, Bombay and Kalongwezi areas where a house, servants’ quarter and a wall fence were constructed in someone else’s yard.
Such cases normally come out when people, who buy these houses from sitting tenants or when sitting tenants decide to redevelop their properties and ask for their land to be re-surveyed.
Mr. Chula says that the Survey Department has been advising property owners faced with such issues to resolve matters amicably.

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