Contractors engaged to build a farmer training centre in Nyimba district advance their works.

Construction works for a Farmer Training Centre in Nyimba district have advanced.
Speaking to Breeze News, Nyimba District Commissioner, Peter Kunda Kaisa says that construction of 20 houses at a cost of 10 million Kwacha by Beacon Cresta Limited is progressing well.
Colonel Kaisa says that works for 10 low cost houses have reached beam level, 4 houses at window level while 6 are still at slab level.
He says that construction of 10 medium cost houses at a cost of 6 million Kwacha by Kalawani General Dealers is at gable level.
And Colonel Kaisa says that Hauchang Engineering Limited has been hired to construct 10 low cost houses, one medium cost house, two hostels, one workshop and one classroom at a contract sum of over 7 million Kwacha.
He says that the contract whose works have already reached 70 per cent is likely to be extended.
Colonel Kaisa adds that Beacon Cresta Limited has drilled one borehole while Kalawani General Dealers has sunk two boreholes.
All the contracts have a running period of between one and two years.

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