Contractors working on road projects in Nyimba district warned against carrying out shoddy works.

Road contractors in Nyimba district have been cautioned against doing shoddy works and abandoning projects.
Nyimba District Council Chairperson, Max Kapanta says that the council will not accept shoddy works.
He said this in the wake of a named contractor that has not been on the construction site on the Chipembe-Utotwe Road.
Mr. Kapanta says that the contractor was expected to start phase two of the works, which involved putting up gravel and culverts on the road, but has not been seen since last month.
He has appealed to government to ensure that the contractor gets back on the site quickly, so that works are completed before the rainy season.
The council chairperson says that a number of rural roads in the district are being rehabilitated including Mtilizi and Offmeyer and that the local authority expects high quality works to be done.
And Mr. Kapanta also appealed to government to release more money to ensure that the Chipembe-Utotwe Road is gravelled.
He said that grading of the road has been completed, but the road risks being washed away if it’s not gravelled.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kapanta said that farmers are disappointed that FRA, the Food Reserve Agency is delaying to start buying maize.
He said that farmers, who took their maize to most depots in the district, are already spending nights in cold.

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