Cooperative leaders accused of swindling farmers

Farmers have revealed a scam where some cooperative leaders in Chipata are collecting 100 Kwacha from members.

Speaking to Breeze News, the farmers say that the cooperative leaders are collecting the money under the pretext that it is for transport and those refusing to pay are not given inputs.

Simon Tembo from Chipangali Constituency says that the cooperative leaders have also grabbed their e-voucher cards under the pretext that banks need them.

And the decision by Agro Dealers to increase prices of fertilizer is causing confusion as some cooperative leaders seem to be taking advantage of the situation to swindle their colleagues.

Mr. Tembo says that the allocation of fertilizer to each farmer has been reducing from 8 to between 6 and 5, adding that their leaders have now indicated that the bags will reduce further to 4.

But Chipata District Agriculture Coordinator, Michael Ngulube says that banks have no reason to collect e-voucher cards adding that each farmer is supposed to handle his or her own card.

Mr. Ngulube further expressed shock that cooperative leaders are asking for 100 Kwacha because he is not aware of such arrangements.

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