Corrupt police officers in Chipata warned

Government has warned traffic police officers of stern action if they continue collecting bribes from drivers on the road blocks.

The provincial administration says it is aware that some traffic police officers are accepting bribes from drivers when manning road blocks in Chipata.

It has cited a road block along airport road where corruption has continued as police officers allow vehicles that are not road worthy to pass after making the drivers pay about 30 Kwacha.

It has alleged that the Traffic Police Officers have turned Tax payer’s money collected from drivers at Road blocks into “Mutulo” as the money is for their own personal benefits.

It says that he will not allow a crime to be committed on the road.

The provincial administration wondered why the trend has continued on the same road block, when former Provincial Minister, Malozo Sichone did his best to stop the practice.

Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says reports about traffic police officers being corrupt are disturbing because they are stealing money, which belongs to the state.

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