Corruption and nepotism marred first recruitment of officers in NRC issuance

The Ministry of Home Affairs has revealed corruption and nepotism in the first recruitment of officers engaged in the mobile issuance of NRCs, National Registration Cards.

Permanent Secretary, Chileshe Mulenga has told Breeze News that the Ministry of Home Affairs also discovered that some officers were not qualified for the job.
Dr. Mulenga says that these were the reasons under which some officers were recalled from the field and replaced with officers from Ministry of Home Affairs.

And Dr. Mulenga has challenged officers, who were recalled from the field and have evidence of unqualified people that have remained working, to submit their names because he will not tolerate corruption or nepotism.

Dr. Mulenga stated that teachers, agriculture staff, school leavers and any other government officer, who does not work under the Ministry of Home Affairs, should not be part of the exercise.

He was responding to a petition by officers, who were withdrawn from the exercise asking his office to intervene in the matter, which they have alleged was not transparent.
The officers have revealed names of officers under ministries of agriculture, community development, education, judiciary and school leavers who are still working.
The officers have further revealed names of people related to some ministers and senior government officials who are part of the exercise despite not being qualified.

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