Council defends Chipata Community Abattoir’s disposal of waste in Lukhwakwa stream.

Residents living near the Chipata Community Abattoir have been assured that the waste being produced by the abattoir is safe.
Chipata Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga told Breeze News that the waste is partially treated and therefore does not pose any risks.
Ms. Kaonga says that this is because of the stabilisation ponds that are present at the abattoir.
She added that the abattoir has been licensed by ZEMA, the Zambia Environmental Management Agency.
She however, admitted that the abattoir is overwhelmed due to an increase in the number of animals being killed at the facility.
Last week, a number of people raised concerns on the health hazards in light of the waste being produced from the abattoir, which also produces an awful smell and is disposed in Lukhwakwa stream.

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