Council police officers in Chipata burn down makeshift stands for illegal street vendors.

Illegal street vendors trading along Umodzi Highway and Kafula road in Chipata today woke up to a rude shock when they found their makeshift stands had been burnt by authorities from Chipata Municipal Council.
And the vendors have accused people who burnt their makeshift stands of stealing their merchandise which they left yesterday near Saturday market.
The street vendors, who stormed the council complained of being victimized and accused the local authority of failing to find an alternative place for them to trade from in the markets, which they claimed are full.
The visibly annoyed street vendors demanded for President Edgar Lungu to give a statement if street vending has been banned in Zambia because Late President Michael Sata had allowed them to trade from the streets.
They wondered why only them in Chipata are being chased when street vendors from Lusaka are allowed to trade along most roads.
And Chipata Municipal Council Spokesperson, Taonga Kaonga says the council is by law mandated to regulate street vending if it becomes a nuisance.
Ms. Kaonga says the local authority will discuss the matter with the vendors to address their plight, adding that space is available in the markets.
And the vendors allegedly stormed Saturday market, threatening to burn down stands in the market.
Saturday Market chairperson, Peter Soko, says that the vendors accused him of being part of the burning of their merchandise because he has been saying the market has enough space to accommodate them all.
However, Mr. Soko says some marketeers decided to defend the market and chased away the vendors.

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