Councillors in Lundazi District direct council management to allocate plots on a land under dispute.

Councillors in Lundazi Districts have directed council management to physically go and allocate plots on a disputed land behind, FRA, the Food Reserve Agency Shades to deserving applicants.
The directive came during the full council meeting after some documents for a named company who claimed ownership of the ten hectors of land where proved not to be valid.
This came to light when Lundazi District Council Secretary, Magubwi Simunkholomba, produced documents for a named company claiming the land.
Mr. Simunkholomba, says he has been failing to give directive to the director of works to go ahead to give the claimed land to deserving applicants because he needed guidance from the full council.
And some councillors who served at the local authority in 2005 when the alleged documents are said to have been processed, told the full council meeting that the process for a company to acquire the claimed land was never concluded.
They revealed that the company was asked by the council to produce three certified documents, which was never done by the company.

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