Councils given more powers under the decentralisation policy.

Government has restructured all councils in the country.
This is in a view to successfully implement the decentralisation policy of governance.
Director of Decentralisation in the Office of the President and Cabinet Office, Alfred Sakwiya has confirmed to Breeze News.
He says that the Decentralisation whose theme is “Citizen Empowerment” has given Local Authorities the mandate to run the affairs of government in their jurisdictions.
Mr. Sakwiya, further states that the restructuring process has brought about creation of fully fledged departments within the councils such as agriculture, education and health.
Forestry, Environmental Services and Tourism are also part of the factions that have been put under the regulation of local authorities.
The Office of the Auditor General has also been decentralised to all provincial capitals to help government monitor the use of public funds that will be given to all councils in the implementation of the decentralisation policy.
Mr Sakwiya says decentralisation of government activities which are expected to be in full operation by 2017 is a critical measure in improving accountability of government resources and service delivery.

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