Couple jailed for four months for selling unwholesome meat

The Chipata Magistrate Court has sentenced a couple from Munga Compound in Chipata to four months simple imprisonment for selling unwholesome meat contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Senior Magistrate Bonface Mwala this morning sentenced Ruth Mwanza and Charles Mwanza after finding them guilty of selling food not fit for human consumption.

Facts of the matter are that Ruth Mwanza 34 whilst acting together with Charles Mwanza 32 on January 10, 2017 offered unwholesome food to people in Munga compound contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The couple was first charged with public nuisance as they were allegedly accused of selling dog meat.

The court then changed the case to that of selling unwholesome food due to lack of evidence from the veterinary lab test conducted on the meat.

The Veterinary Department later presented their results in court indicating that the meat was that of a calf and not dog.

Magistrate Mwala said the offence committed by the accused was not a serious one and attracted a Maximum sentence of six months simple imprisonment.

He however, said the food the couple was selling posed threat to humans and that the case attracted media attention.

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