Court revokes bond for PF official who assulted a Post journalist

The Chipata Magistrate Court yesterday revoked police bond for PF Petauke district Youth Chairperson Jay Banda after two sureties in the matter were the accused allegedly assaulted and Urinated in The Post Newspapers reporter Peter Sukwa withdrew.

And Banda yesterday applied in Chipata Magistrate Court to take a fresh plea in the matter where is charged with two counts of assault.

When the matter came for return of beach warrant after Banda failed to show up for the case, Magistrate Pauline Mulenga revoked the bound and asked Banda to look for fresh sureties in a sum of 5000 Kwacha.

This was after two sureties, Blessing Musimuko and Donald Tembo both teachers applied to Magistrate Mulenga that they would no longer be sureties for the accused because of family commitments and bad communication with their client.

Magistrate Mulenga asked the accused why he did not show up for the case without explanation or informing the sureties, Banda said he was sick and that his phone was with someone and produced a medical report from Minga Mission Hospital.
And before the matter was adjourned, Banda applied that would love to take a fresh plea in the matter of which magistrate Mulenga told him that the fresh plea could only take place in Vubwi district and that his pre-occupation was to look for new sureties.

Banda further told the court that the second complainant former Feel Free reporter Kelvin Phiri who was currently in Brazil forgave him and told Sukwa that he was sorry of what he did and asked for forgiveness.

But Magistrate Mulenga told Banda that the court had no problem if the two parties wanted to reconcile but normal procedure of withdrawing the cases should be observed.

She said the complainants in person should appear in court to indicate that they were withdrawing the matter.

Magistrate Mulenga also told Banda that he would only take a fresh plea when the court sits in Vubwi and that his pr- occupation was to find new sureties and the matter was adjourned to Thursday, November 9th,2016 for continued trial.


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