CSPR and CCPC differ on cotton trade

Cotton companies in Eastern Province have been accused of forming a cartel on price fixing.

Civil Society for Poverty Reduction CSPR says that there is no way all companies can be buying cotton using the same price of 2 Kwacha 80 Ngwee per kilogramme.

Advocacy and Communication Officer, Maxson Nkhoma says that CSPR is wondering if all the companies sell their cotton to the same company on the international market.

Mr. Nkhoma has given CCPC, Competition and Consumer Protection Commission seven days in which to investigate the matter.

He says that failure by CCPC to investigate the matter within seven days will result in CSPR mobilizing farmers to protest peacefully against what he descried as injustice.

But when contacted for comment CCPC Investigator, Emmanuel Zulu described the seven days ultimatum given to the commission in which to investigate the matter as unfortunate.

Mr. Zulu indicated that it was important for stakeholders to understand that currently there was no tangible evidence to suggest that the cotton companies have formed a cartel.

He further explained that investigations on such matters cannot be given duration adding that CCPC also cares about issues of fair trade.

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