CSPR describes President Edgar Lungu’s speech to parliament as inspiring.

The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction CSPR has described President Edgar Lungu’s speech to parliament last Friday as inspiring.
Civic Participation and Advocacy Programme Officer, Maxson Nkoma has also congratulated President Lungu for successfully delivering an inspiring speech.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, Mr. Nkhoma says the President’s address to Parliament has demonstrated government commitments and clearly outlined strategies that government has put in place in addressing various social and economic challenges affecting the country.
He says that the speech resonated well with a number of expectations and proposals which CSPR and other interest groups have been submitting to the Government for consideration.
Mr. Nkhoma says that CSPR is pleased that the head of state made bold steps to include their recommendations in government plans in pursuit to develop the country.
He says that government took into consideration a number of proposals made by CSPR through the Ministry of Finance during the consultative National Symposium on the formulation of the SNDP, Seventh National Development Plan.
These include creation of an independent Ministry responsible for national planning and development, creation and development of a sustainable roads maintenance strategic plan through creation of road toll gates.
And Mr. Mkhoma says that while the intention of creating new ministries is to ensure improved efficiency, the government must guard against increasing its expenditure on personal emoluments.
He has called for greater fiscal discipline if the government is to address the current economic challenges facing the country.

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