CSPR observes lack of coordination among former East MPs

Former Members of parliament in Eastern Province have not been speaking with one voice to facilitate development in the region.

This is according to CSPR, Civil Society for Poverty Reduction Advocacy and Communications Programme Officer, Maxson Nkhoma.

Mr. Nkhoma says that introspection into how MPs operate has revealed that they do not speak with unity of purpose.

He says that this is the reason why Eastern is now ranked as the fourth poorest province in the country despite being a highest producer of some farm produce like maize.

Mr. Nkhoma observed that MPs from other regions speak with one voice when issues concerning their provinces are raised in parliament.

He noted that Eastern Province has agriculture as its main stay with challenges in the tourism sector like human-animal conflict but these are issues which are never raised by MPs in parliament.

Mr. Nkhoma stated that as the country goes to the August 11 general elections, people should make their areas of interests known so that people who will be voted as MPs take up such issues seriously.

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