CSPR questions the recruitment system being used by nursing schools.

The Ministry of Health has been queried over the system it is it using to recruit students in nursing schools.
Civil Society for Poverty Reduction CSPR has observed that the recruitment is now being used as a fundraising venture by these training institutions.
Advocacy and Communication Officer, Maxson Nkhoma says that CSPR cannot understand how a nursing school, which only needs 75 people, can accept 800 applications for interviews.
Mr Nkhoma says CSPR is worried with reports it has received from Eastern Province that some nursing schools collected 250 Kwacha from over 800 people when the number of students needed was only 75.
He says that it is important that government reviews the recruitment system as some people struggle to raise the 250 Kwacha in order to attend the interviews.
Mr Nkhoma says that nursing schools should submit applications to 150 if the number of students needed is less than 100.
He says that CSPR will be forced to seek audience with the Minister of Health if the matter is not addressed.
Nursing schools across the country are currently recruiting student nurses, an exercise which has attracted a huge number of people.

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