Debate over electrification of Zemba Farming Scheme in Chadiza district ensues in parliament

Government has denied that the electrification of Zemba Farming Scheme in Chadiza district has been abandoned.
Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Development, Charles Zulu, told parliament yesterday that the delay of the completion of the project has been due to non-payment of connection fee to ZESCO by the client.
Mr. Zulu explained that the over 1.5 million Kwacha project will only be completed when the client pays the connection fee.
He said that according to ZESCO Chipata, the works were started by the then Member of Parliament using CDF, Constituency Development Fund, but alleged that after winning elections, the MP ignored it.
Mr. Zulu was responding to a question from Chadiza Member of Parliament, Allan Mbewe, who wanted to know what has caused delays in connecting Zemba to the national grid.
Mr. Mbewe said government has abandoned the project, when there are only 40 polls to be put up before it is completed.
During the debate, Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Reuben Mtolo Phiri, also questioned why ZESCO keeps referring the matter to a single client, when Zemba is a resettlement scheme with so many farmers.
At this point, speaker of national assembly, Dr. Patrick Matibin, asked the Ministry of Energy and Water Development to follow up the matter so that the project is completed.

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