DEBS office in Chipata accused of unprofessionalism

Some teachers who have upgraded their qualifications in Chipata have questioned the criteria being used to upgrade their salaries.

A group of teachers yesterday stormed the DEBS, District Education Board Secretaries Office in Chipata, demanding for explanation why some teachers who graduated in 2013 have not been upgraded while those who graduated last year received their new salaries last month.

They wondered why government is taking too long to upgrade their salaries when they have been advised to upgrade their qualifications.

The teachers vowed to take the matter to the national office if the district office fails to address them.

And Zambia National Union of Teachers, ZNUT Chipata District Chairperson, Isaac Ngoma charged that the manner in which teachers’ salaries are being upgraded is selective.

And Chipata District Senior Education Standards Officer, Felistas Nkholoma said that she was not in a position to answer concerns raised by the teachers because the DEBS was out of office.

Mrs. Nkholoma promised to take the matter to the DEBS, who will address the teachers on Monday.

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