Defilement and suicide cases topping in Eastern Province

Eastern Province is recording cases of defilement and suicide almost every day.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya, who confirmed this to Breeze News, says that defilement cases are on an increase despite perpetrators being arrested.

Mr. Chilufya attributed the increase in cases of defilement to cultural matters that have do to with social economic issues while some are purely criminal cases.

Mr. Chilufya says police have intensified community sensitisations to make people understand the dangers that defilement has on society and know the cause so that the vice is stopped.

He added that organisations such as the United Nations and World Vision have also come on board to assist curb defilement.

Mr. Chilufya explained that defilement is a serious case that affects girls, who become traumatised for the rest of their lives and disturbs their future.

He added that other common case being reported at the police stations in the Province is suicide, whose cause is not yet known.

The police commissioner says police officers are investigating the root cause of suicide cases because they are being reported every other day.

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