Defunct Contract Haulage defends house evictions of 17 families

Authorities from the former CH, Contract Haulage say the decision to evict people occupying former CH houses in Referendum area in Chipata follows a court order.

Contract Haulage vice Secretary, Rodgers Harawa explained to Breeze News that the sitting tenants in the 17 former CH houses where given a three months ultimatum to buy the houses at a cost of Ten thousand Kwacha each in 2012.

Mr. Harawa says none of the sitting tenants has bought the house since 2012 and this prompted them to engage the courts of law in the matter.

He says that the courts then ruled in favour of the former CH who have title deeds for the land and they signed an agreement with the tenants to allow them get the Iron sheets, door frames and window panes before demolishing the houses.

Mr. Harawa says this was done so that the houses can be sold to people who are ready to buy as the company is trying to clear out huge allowances owed to its former workers.

He says that it is illegal for the tenants to remain in the houses which they have failed to buy, adding that such conduct is contempt of court.

And CH vice Chairman, Rodger Mwanza wondered why some tenants are complaining over the decision by the company to remove them from the houses which are not theirs.

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