Delayed distribution of fertilizer affect crop performance in Tafelansoni Ward of Chadiza district.

Most crops in Tafelansoni Ward of Chadiza district have not performed well due to delay by government to distribute inputs.

Tafelansoni Ward councillor, Maurice Zulu says that people in his ward have been complaining as most of their crops have gone to waste because of late application.

The civic leader has wondered why it takes long for the fertilizer to be given out when farmers pay the money for the inputs in time.

Mr. Zulu says that government should consider changing the system of distributing farming inputs.

He says government should start the distribution of seeds, D Compound and Urea fertilizer at the same time to avoid inconveniences.

Meanwhile Mr. Zulu has appreciated government for grading and graveling the Chadiza -Tafelansoni road, stating that this has not been done in the past 20 years.

He says the road has an economic impact since Tafelansoni is a trading centre and that it will be easy to transport patients with referral cases to the district hospital.

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