Delayed tarring works on Kalindawalo road hit a snag.

Tarring works on Kalindawalo road in Chipata district have hit a snag.

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director, Lyton Kanowa says his company will not redirect water pipes to facilitate the works, until Sable Construction Company meets the full cost for carrying out the works.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Kanowa explained that according to information, the company has received, Sable, which was hired to carry out the road works, does not have money to pay for the redirecting of water pipes.

He says that any damage to the water pipes might affect supply to more than 100 customers in Kalongwezi and Magazine areas.

Mr. Kanowa explained that the UPVC water pipes that were installed in the area, have a lifespan of more than 100 years and cannot be tempered with, without compensation.

He says that Sable Construction Company was given a Bill of Quantity for the works, the same way Mota Engil had to pay for redirecting water pipes, when the company was reconstructing Umodzi Highway.

Meanwhile Sable Construction Company Managing Director, Nazir Aloo confirmed that works of tarring Kalindawalo road are being hampered by Eastern Water and Sewerage Company’s delay to remove the water pipes.

Mr. Aloo says that although the company had resumed the works on Kalindawalo road, it has not yet been paid by government.

He stated that the company wants to move quickly in completing the works, which have been long overdue.

Mr. Aloo indicated that apart from working on Kalindawalo road, the company also needs to work on Pine View Extension and Chizongwe- Katopola roads.

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