Delays to operationalise completed CDF projects worries villagers

Some people in Mambwe district have expressed concern with delays to deploy officers after projects are completed by the community.

Samson Mbewe of Mphomwa area wonders why some infrastructure, such as police posts and clinics that are built by communities through CDF, Constituency Development Fund stay long before they become fully operational.

He observed that the delay often leads to vandalism.

Mr. Mbewe also says that this, demoralises members of the community, who put in their best in contributing the 25 per cent required in community projects.

He explained that the community completed building a police post and a clinic in 2015 but have remained non-operational for a long time.

Mr. Mbewe notes that sending officers to the police post will assist reduce criminal activities, enhance security in the area and reduce activities such as illegal burning of charcoal.

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