Delegates at the National Constitution Conference to vote for the inclusion of the Barotse Agreement in the draft constitution.

Voting as to whether the Barotse Agreement should be included in the preamble of the draft constitution is expected to take place today.
However, Breeze FM Staffer, Isaac Ngoma reports that most Lozi delegates have indicated that they will not take part in the voting.
The delegates have revealed that they have been receiving phone calls from back home in Western Province asking them why they are taking party in the national convention.
The delegates, who have declined to be named state that their tribes mate also, feel that there is no need to subject the Barotse Agreement to a vote because it is a historical fact.
The delegates also fear that should anything go wrong on the Barotse Agreement being included in the draft constitution, they will be blamed.
Deliberations on the Barotse Agreement on Sunday brought business at the national convention to a standstill, forcing the chairperson to deferrer the matter to today.

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