Depreciation of Kwacha affects tobacco farmers

The depreciation of the Zambian Kwacha against the United States dollar is having a negative impact on tobacco farmers.

Some farmers at Kapara Tobacco Scheme have raised concern that the Kwacha has continued to lose value against the dollar and this is affecting the price at which their crop is being bought by merchants.

One of the farmers Mathews Phiri has asked government through TBZ, Tobacco Board of Zambia to intervene before farmers completely lose out.

And a check by Breeze Business News found that the Kwacha is now buying at 10 Kwacha 67 Ngwee and selling at 10 Kwacha 88 Ngwee.

The Pound is buying at 15 Kwacha 16 Ngwee and selling at 15 Kwacha 45 Ngwee while the Euro is buying at 12 Kwacha and selling at 12 Kwacha 24 Ngwee.

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