Diabetic patients struggling to access drugs

Diabetic patients in rural areas of Chipata District are complaining over lack of diabetes drugs in health posts.

Malekano Phiri of Twasa village in Ng’ongwe area says diabetic patients find challenges in accessing drugs in health posts.

He says people, who are diabetic, are told to access drugs at Chipata Central Hospital, a situation, which puts their lives at risk.

He says patients have to cover a long distance to go to Chipata Central Hospital for medical checkups and accessing the drugs.

He says government through the Ministry of Health should quickly find ways to help diabetic patients in rural areas.

And when contacted for a comment, Eastern Province Health Director, Abel Kabalo, says diabetic patients are always referred to bigger health institutions for treatment.

Dr. Kabalo says this is because small health institutions do not have the equipment to attend to diabetic patients.

He explained that a diabetic patient has to undergo tests before any medication is prescribed for them.

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